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Spiritual Intuition

Spiritual intuition is too often misunderstood. We sometimes confuse it as something fanciful, way out there and far-fetched. However, intuition is not merely a superstition or some strange magic. It is the divine urge of our inner God.  Created in the “image and...

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The Goodness of Affirmations

What good are affirmations really? Throughout the Unity and New Thought movement, the idea of repeating short positive statements is popular. What good do these little statements do anyway? Affirmations have power. Words have power.  Every word you say is an...

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Power Affirmations

Are Affirmations Really Powerful? In Unity, we practice affirmative prayer and encourage the use of positive affirmations as a strategy for spiritual growth. Along with silent mediation, affirmative prayer is at the heart of Unity Principle #4. Still, many people new...

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